Inspiration for my “love” necklace

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Love Necklace – My inspiration for this piece came from J Lo. I love to watch the opening of American Idol just to see what she is wearing. On this night, J Lo wore a tight, black bondage dress, she looked great! I noticed she was wearing a simple, delicate, gold necklace with the word “love” on it. She was beaming. Although the necklace was not my piece, I wanted to create my version of it, in hopes to capture that glowing feeling, at a price that does not require J Lo’s money.

My love piece is organic, delicate, and each is individually handcrafted. They are made of pure silver (.999 fs) then plated with a thick (nickel free) 24K Gold. Each piece measures approximately ¾” wide x ½” tall. They are available in Pure Silver (.999 fs) with a sterling silver chain, or Gold Plated with a Gold Filled Chain. Chain length options 16” or 18”.