Honey Badger Inspired

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My Badass necklace is my favorite piece thus far. I am sure many of you have already seen the Honey Badger video on You Tube that went viral earlier this year, well this piece is in honor of that little Badger… he is one “Badass.” (If you haven’t seen it… you should!). I especially love the way the “ass” dangles from the “bad” … it makes me chuckle… This is for all you Badass’ out there.

My “Badass” piece is organic and delicate, each is individually handcrafted. They are made of pure silver (.999 fs) then plated with a thick (nickel free) 24K Gold. Each piece measures approximately ¾” wide x 3/4” tall. They are available in Pure Silver (.999 fs) with a sterling silver chain for $78, or Gold Plated with a Gold Filled Chain $88. Chain length options 16” or 18”.