About Us

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Founder and designers, Linda Thibodeaux and Alex Teller are both native to Southern California.
Growing up in Los Angeles, you see all walks of life… Our jewelry pieces are created as a lighthearted reminder to enjoy all the good that surrounds us… to make you smile… bring happiness… When a person looks at our pieces and chuckle, smiles, whipser something funny to their friend, we know we have accomplished our goal!
Thibodeaux started creating jewelry as a teenager, making earrings for friends as gifts, and often times selling them! A background in art and art history and a hunger to craft her ideas and designs into jewelry is what led her to form Solstice LTD. Thibodeaux creates her initial designs out of reclaimed fine silver (.999 fs), the design is then casted using a lost wax technique and poured using sterling silver (.925). Her collection is also available in 24 k gold vermeil and rose gold vermeil.
Many of my designs are created by my collectors. They have an idea and I make it come to jewelry life. I love the collaborative effort – Thibodeaux
In 2005, Thibodeaux met Alex Teller at a gallery in Sherman Oaks, CA.  Thibodeaux states, “Alex has an eye for locating, searching (or as I call him the “hunterer”) for special, rare, gemstones and crystals. If we are looking for something specific, Alex can find it!” Thibodeaux and Teller would travel the US looking for unique, gemstones such as Kingman Turquoise in AZ, “The next thing we knew our bookcases were filled with trays and trays of treasures of gemstones and crytsals.  We wanted to share this love we have for them. This allowed us to branch our business out and offer the sale of these special pieces of Earth.”