Arrow Bracelet

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Through history, the arrow has symbolized many things, from war and protection; a weapon used to hunt for survival; Cupids arrow piercing ones heart, representing love; and, in a compass designed to help in direction and wayfinding. 

I love this piece mixed with other bracelets, however it is so delicate that it looks so sweet alone.

I used Pyrite beads as an accent.  Below are the properties of this gemstone:

Pyrite is also known as ‘fools gold’ because its appearance is that of gold.  It is thought to be a highly protective stone blocking and shielding you from negative energy.  Pyrite is said to reduce fatigue,  is good to improve memory and recall, and to stimulate the flow of ideas.

Available in Sterling Silver or 24K Gold Vermeil.

Bracelet dimension – Arrow measures 1” long x ¼” wide.  Bracelet measures 6-3/4” – 7”